Are you looking for the best skate socks? Then you have to try ching&co.‘s socks made in Japan! Their logo symbolizes men’s “that part” and has a huge impact. It’s unique to come up with this logo for real.

Once you feel the socks, you’ll realize that their socks are really high quality. Personally, when I skate I prefer to skate with thick socks but it’s hard to find that kind of socks sometimes. Even if I could find it, I usually don’t like their logos because it’s kind of boring.

But this brand is a game-changer! The thickness is exactly the way I want it to be and I strongly recommend this to you.

Unique Design

One of their strong parts of them is their unique design. They have many designs and some of them have collaborated with other street brands. Their design definitely gets attention.


Affordable Price

A pair of socks is 1100 yen~. I’d not say it is pretty cheap. But considering the quality and design, I’d not think this is a fair price.

Feels Good to Wear

The feeling of wearing them is pretty comfortable. All of their socks are made in Nara which makes the most socks in Japan. When I touch their socks for the first time, I was surprised by how thick they are, and I could feel they don’t get worn out easily.

The calf parts have decently tight rubber material so it doesn’t go lower when you skate.

Definitely The Best Socks for Skateboarding

Their socks are made for skating. It has nice tightness and softness. Since it’s thick, you can protect your shins with them. But it’s not too thick, so you don’t have to worry about it might be too thick when you wear shoes. They use breathable material so it feels comfortable all the time.

Now they have a special offer for orders of more than 6000 yen!! You can get a free keychain and the shipment is gonna be free!! Check it out, you’d definitely love it.

Their Official Website


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