About The Park

Shimotsuma skateboard park was opened at “Shimotsuma Nigiwai hiroba” in 2017. It’s also known as B.E. step 125 shimotsuma. There were no skateparks in this area so for local skaters this park means a lot. The park is made of concrete and can be used for contests and events. They have skateboards for rentals so you can just go there without bringing your own board.

Basic Info


Shimotsumatei, Shimotsuma, Ibaraki 304-0068

Phone Number


Official Website


There are parking lots.


Adults 100 yen per 1 day

Kids 50 yen per 1 day

Opening Hours


Closed on Tuesdays

Sections List

About The Sections

The park is like a street-style park. The main section would be the stairs with a down ledge and a down rail. If you are a skilled skater, you can try so many tricks here and that’d be so much fun. It also has a quarter bowl and a pyramid, a box, and a manual pad.

Overall, I’d say this park is for an every-level skater.

The Videos of This Park

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  1. Great website! Thank you so much. I’m going to Japan next year with my board and was looking for nice spots and parks. Can’t wait to shred nippon

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