About The Park

Nicknamed “Planet Park”, is the Japanese largest public skate park. A dedicated facility to enjoy 3 types of competition: Skateboard, Aggressive Inline Skating, and BMX. The varied landscape includes flat and uneven surfaces, banks, rails, and bowl-shaped sections. It is suitable for all levels of skaters from beginners to advanced skaters.

Basic Info


Tokyo, Hachioji, Tobukicyo1746-1

Phone Number


Official Website



There are parking lots


: Adult 500 yen

: Kids 250 yen

Opening Hours

8:00 ~ 22:00

You must enter before 21:15

Section List

About The Sections

There are two areas in this park, “Street Area” and “Bowl Area”. “Bowl Area” is quite huge and you can try air tricks and is good for advanced- skaters. In the “street area”, you can find a lot of general objects and they are not that hard to skate with. Also there is a “ollie bar”, so beginners can practice ollie with it. Overall, I’s say this park is for Upper-middle level skaters.

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