About The Park

CARNOSA SKATE PARK was opened in 2023 in Kofu City, Yamanashi. The park has 500㎡ ground and a pleasant and smooth floor for skating. All the sections are made of wood and are in excellent condition. The sections are in several sizes so it’s suitable for all levels of skaters.

Since it is indoors, it is possible to skate all year round in stable conditions regardless of the weather. The bright and clean park environment is also attractive. In addition, there is an observation area on the second floor of the facility with chairs and tables, so it is also a pleasure for accompanying people to spend time leisurely while watching the inside of the park.

The park’s opening hours vary depending on the day, but it is open from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm at the latest. The latest operating schedule is distributed on the official website and SNS.

The usage fee is 500 yen for 2 hours and 800 yen for a day. In addition, a full set of paid rentals is available, so you can enjoy it even if you come empty-handed.

A beginner’s skateboarding school is held every Sunday, and 15-minute trial schools that even inexperienced people can easily experience are also held from time to time.

In addition to parking, toilets, vending machines, and other facilities, a skate shop is also attached, so you can conveniently purchase skate items.

This is the first full-scale skate park in the city, and it is a welcome facility for local skaters.

The park is planning to hold even more schools for a wide range of levels, as well as tournaments and events in the future, so it is an exciting development.

Basic Info


378 Ushiroyacho, Kofu, Yamanashi 400-0045

Phone Number


Official Website


There are free parking lots.


2 Hours 500yen

1 Day 800 yen

Opening Hours

Check their website

Section List

About The Sections

The sections include a 120 cm mini ramp, bank, 2 m quarter pipe, 90 cm quarter pipe, down rail, down ledge, and compound pyramid.

The down rail, down ledge, and compound pyramid are large in size and are intended for advanced skaters, but they can also be used for spectacular skating.

The mini ramp and mini quarter pipe are easy to handle for beginners and intermediate skaters, and there is also a flat area so that even complete beginners can practice.

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