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Okinawa Skateparks

The Free Public Skatepark in Naha, Okinawa! Shintoshin Koen Skatepark

About The Park Shintoshin skatepark is the one public skatepark in Naha City, Okinawa. It has about 600㎡ ground. It’s not a big skatepark but it has nice and smooth ground and some sections made of iron. It has all the popular sections and is placed nicely so you can make your own skate line. …

Okinawa Skateparks

The Skatepark with a Huge Bowl in Okinawa! TOYOSAKI RAINBOW PARK

About The Park This skate park is located in Toyosaki Rainbow Park. It is right next to the outlet mall “Ashibina”. The main section of this park is the huge bowl. You can use this park for free. But you need to get “sports insurance” beforehand to use this park and it takes 1 week …

Okinawa Skateparks

The Biggest Public Skatepark in Okinawa! GINOWAN IKOI CITIZEN PARK SKATEPARK

About The Park Ginowan Ikoi Citizen Park Skatepark is the biggest public skatepark in Okinawa and is made of fully concrete. Since this park is public, you can skate here for free. it has a lot of sections for a public park. Also, it’s in nature and has a great atmosphere. Basic Info Address 1 …