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Kanto Area Skateparks

The Skatepark You Can Skate At Night in Tokyo Area! SKATE COURT ORIPURILAND

About The Park The Skate court is by the shopping mall in Ichihara City and it’s the only public skatepark in the city. The park is open even at night so it’s important for Tokyo Area skaters because it’s hard to find a skatepark where you can skate at night. The park has about 1300㎡ …

Kanto Area Skateparks

The Skatepark by Tokyo Disney Land! URAYASU SPORTS PARK SKATEPARK

About The Park Urayasu sports park skatepark is right next to Tokyo Disney Land. It has large ground and is the biggest skatepark in Chiba prefecture. The unique point of this skatepark is that it is made like an actual city. So when you skate here, you might feel like you’re street skating. There are …

Kanto Area Skateparks

A Public Skatepark With Great Sections! Shiohama Daini Skatepark

About The Park Shiohama Daini Skatepark is a public skatepark in Ichikawa City, Chiba. It has about 1000㎡ ground and a lot of sections there. You can use this park for free and don’t have to register or anything beforehand. But you need to wear a helmet when you skate here so make sure you …