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Chubu Area Skateparks

The Most Popular public Skatepark in Matsumoto City, Nagano! Matsumoto General Gymnasium Skatepark

About The Park Matsumoto General Gymnasium Skatepark has been popular with local and visitor skaters since its renewal in 2022. It has a big and smooth ground with new sections. You can use this park for free and is suitable for all levels of skaters. Basic Info 5-1 Misuzu, Matsumoto, Nagano 390-0801 Phone Number 0263321818 …

Chubu Area Skateparks

The Biggest Public Skatepark in Nagano ACTION SPORTS PARK SKATEPARK

About The Park Action park skatepark is called “Sansai skatepark” by local people. It has 1300㎡ and is the biggest public skatepark in Tohoku Area. The park is fully made of concrete and is used for professional contests and events. The price to use this park is only 300 yen per day and opens from …