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Chubu Area Skateparks

The Skatepark in a Shopping Malin Utsunomiya, Shizuoka! Murasaki Sports Inter Park Village Utsunomiya Shop

About The Park Murasaki Sports Inter Park Village Utsunomiya Shop has 700㎡ ground with sections made of wood. It has a big flat space and some street space so beginners to upper-level skaters can have fun skating here. To use this park, you have to register yourself at the cashier of Murasakisuports shop in the …

Chubu Area Skateparks

24,000㎡! The Biggest Skatepark in Japan. HIGASHI SHIZUOKA ART &SPORTS PARK

About The Park Higashi Shizuoka Art & Sports Park was opened in 2017 and is one of the biggest skate parks in Japan. It has parks outside and inside. The indoor park is the biggest one in japan and the sections are world-class like they can be used in the X Games and Olympic Games. …