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The park opened in 2017 and has a cafe, Yoga studio, and Onsen in the same building. This park has two areas: “Bowl area” and “Street area”. Since this is an indoor skate park, you can skate here even in winter. As you know, it snows a lot in Hokkaido, so this park is a big deal for locals. And the nice thing is that there’s an onsen there so you can take it after skating hard, that must feel awesome.

Basic Info


140-6 Mizuharu, Bihoro, Abashiri District, Hokkaido 092-0016

Phone Number


Official Website



There are free parking lots.


1500 yen a day

Opening Hours


Sections List

About The Sections

The floor is made of wood so even if you fall, it doesn’t hurt that bad and is so smooth. There are so many sections there and their size is not that big so it’s beginner friendly.

Overall, I’d say this park is for upper-level skaters.

The Videos of This Park

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