As you might already know, we had “skateboard” at Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021 for the first time in its history. Since we found out that, people started to pay attention to “skateboarding” more than ever and a lot of people actually started skateboarding in Japan. Also, we’re expecting a lot of skaters to come to Japan to skate around. So for those skaters, let me introduce the best skateparks in Tokyo!!!


TRINITY B3 PARK is the biggest indoor skatepark in Tokyo which is made right next to the skate shop “Trinity B3”. You can skate, BMX, in-line skate here. This park is good for beginners to pro-level skaters! Also, if you bought something from the shop, you can get a discount on your ticket to the park.

2 H.L.N.A Skatepark

H.L.N.A skate park is made on the rooftop and has a great view. When you skate here, you’d feel so good with the fresh air and the view, the feeling is like you’re skating in the sky. Since it has a great atmosphere, this park is so popular and always crowded with skaters.


Shin Yokohama skatepark is considered one of the biggest skateparks in the Tokyo Area. The park is completely free to use even though it has huge ground and has a lot of sections and obstacles. A lot of skaters come here to skate even from outside of Tokyo. The park is made for beginners to professional-level skaters. On weekends, they have skate schools for kids so you’d see a lot of families and kids on weekends. Also, there are competitions which are held at this park. After the Olympic Games, people think this park is going to be the central skatepark in Japan. The park was renewed in 2020 and they add more sections there.


Nicknamed “Planet Park”, is the Japanese largest public skate park. A dedicated facility to enjoy 3 types of competition: Skateboard, Aggressive Inline Skating, and BMX. The varied landscape includes flat and uneven surfaces, banks, rails, and bowl-shaped sections. It is suitable for all levels of skaters from beginners to advanced skaters.

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