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Kanto Area Skateparks

One of The Most Famous Skatepark in Japan! MURASAKI PARK TOKYO

About The Park MURASAKI PARK TOKYO is made by Murasaki sports, the biggest skateboard supply chain in Japan. Murasaki sports supports a lot of professional skaters, so this park offers skate lessons by pros. There is a vertical ramp here which you rarely see in Japan. This park is like a main skatepark for Kanto …

Kanto Area Skateparks

The Skatepark by NIKE! SB DUNK SKATE PlAZA

About The Park SB DUNK SKATE PlAZA is located in “Tokyo Sport Playground” designed by NIKE Japan. They made this park because there are fewer playgrounds in Tokyo compared to other major cities. The skatepark was named by the famous skate shoes “SB DUNK”. From beginners to advanced-level skaters can enjoy skating here. You can …

Kanto Area Skateparks


About The Park KOMAZAWA OLYMPIC SPORTS SKATE PARK is a free public skate park in Tokyo. This park is quite popular with local skaters. It has a huge ground so a lot of people can skate here even families. You might also see a lot of BMX riders there. Basic Info Address 1-1 Komazawakoen, Setagaya …