About The Park

Power Bomb Skatepark is made inside of the skate shop. Even though the park is inside, it has a huge wide space. You also find a skate bowl outside. There are a lot of sections there, so every level of skaters can enjoy skating here. There are only a few skate parks in Nara, so if you’re around there you should check it out.

Basic Info


1142 Nukatabe Kitamachi, Yamatokoriyama, Nara 639-1037

Phone Number


Official Website



There are parking lots.


1day 1000yen
1day 1500yen

Registration 1 year 1,000円
1month PASS 5000円~7000円

Opening Hours

Weekdays 1:00 ~ 00:00
Weekends 12:00~00:00

Section List

About The Sections

It has two areas, the “street area” and “park area”. The bowl is quite deep and it’s in an interesting shape. The street area is kind of narrow but they put quoter pipes around the corner nicely and you’d find banks and stairs in great positions. The sections are nor that big, so it’s good for beginner skaters. Also, the park is well-maintenance, and they renew the sections regurally.

Overall, I’d say this park is for “middle-level skaters“.

The Videos of This Park

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