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Chubu Area Skateparks

15 Million Dollars Skateparkin Japan! Murakami City Skatepark

About The Park Murakami city skate park opened in 2019 and is the biggest skate park in the Tohoku area. The park can be used as an international competition venue and is considered the most beautiful skatepark. Japanese people are hoping future professional skaters grow up here. Since it’s inside you can skate here in …

Kansai Area Skateparks

The Biggest Skatepark with Bowls in Osaka BARAIKE PARK SKATE PARK

About The Park Baraike skatepark is in “Baraike Park” in Sakai City, Osaka. It is the biggest concrete park in Osaka. The park hosts competitions and contests very often so you may see so many good skaters at this park. The park is made for upper-level skaters so if you’re in the level you can …