About The Park

This park was opened in Akashi City, Hyogo in 2022. There are not that many skateparks in the city so local skaters were waiting for that to happen for so long. The park is not that big but it’s got a street area and 3 mini ramps. They have rentals so you can skate here without bringing anything.

Since the park is under the Shinkansen bridge, you can skate even when it’s raining. Also, there are no houses around the park so you don’t even worry about the noise.

The park is made by “BIG MOUTH”, a local skate shop which is right next to the park.

The staffs are friendly and it has a good welcoming atmosphere.

Basic Info


Yagi-374-2 Okubocho, Akashi, Hyogo 674-0063

Phone Number


Official Website



There are parking lots.


1hr 600yen
2hrs 800yen
3hrs 1,000yen
1day 1,500yen

〇Registration 100円

Opening Hours

Closed on Thrusdays


Sections List

About The Sections

In the street area, you’d see a long curve box, stairs, bank to bank, manual pad, and other sections. Even though the park is not that big, it’s got so many sections.

And the size of the ramps is 90cm, 120cm, and 50 cm.

Overall, I’d say this park is for every level skaters.

The Videos of This Park

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