About The Park

This park opened in Nakastugawa city in 2009 and is the biggest skatepark in Gifu prefecture. It is 1716㎡ and all the sections are made of concrete. This park is used in contests and events. It opens from 9:00 to 17:00 and closes on Tuesdays. Local people can get a discount for the ticket but if you’re not local, you need to pay for the ticket. To use this park, you need to stop by the office every time to register and get the keys.

The park doesn’t get busy that much so you can skate there freely.

Basic Info


1683-1031 Nasubigawa, Nakatsugawa, Gifu 509-9132

Phone Number


Official Website



There are free parking lots.


≪Local People≫
Adult 300yen
High School Kids 150yen
Under 15 free

Adult 450 yen
Under 18 220 yen

Opening Hours

9:00 ~ 17:00

Closed on Tuesdays

Section List

About The Sections

All the sections are made of concrete and you’d see a ledge, curve, and banks. The park is surrounded by a hug rounded quarter pipe, so it feels like the park is in a huge bowl.

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