The Yago Skateboard Park

About The Park

The Yago Skateboard Park is in Ota Ward, Tokyo. It’s in the basement of an apartment and has 3 ramps in different sizes. The ramps are good for beginners. Since it’s an indoor skatepark, you can skate in any weather. The park opens every day and sometimes it opens until 1 A.M. Even though it’s in the basement, the park is bright enough to skate and kept clean. Also, it has an a/c so you can skate comfortably even in summer. It has changing rooms and rest space.

You can rent skateboards there so you don’t have to bring your own skateboard.

Basic Info

〒143-0016 Tokyo, Ota City, Omorikita, 3 Chome−39−5 大森北3-39-5 地下1階 リバートップ

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≪Registration Fee≫

The First 1 Hour 1,000yen
After 1 Hour 100yen/15min

〇Every Tue、Wed、Thu skate as long as you want
Within 2 hours 1,000yen
More than 2 hours 1,300yen

〇The Yago Night You can skate no matter how long it is

Opening Hours

Mon、Fri 18:00~25:00
Tue、Wed、Thu 15:00~25:00
Sat、Sun、Holidays 13:00~25:00

Section List

About The Sections

There are 3 ramps which are made of wood in 3 different sizes.

The Videos of This Park

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