About The Park

Japanese people say this park is the hottest skatepark in Japan. It was opened in 2021 and was made for the Olympic games and the Olympians actually skated here for practice. The park is called “Kasama Park” by locals. Murasaki Sports the biggest skate company in Japan produced this skatepark. The park has 4600m2 wide ground and will be the main park of Japan for a while. Also, the park is made for beginners to experts, so everyone can enjoy skating here.

Basic Info


2345 Kasama, Ibaraki 309-1611

Phone Number


Official Website



About 20 mins from Mito IC by a car

There are parking lots (1000 lots)


One day ticket

[ week day]

Adults 700 yen, kids 500 yen

[week ends]

Adults 1100 yen, kids 850 yen

Monthly ticket

Adults 5060 yen or 6600 yen

Kids 7040 yen or 9350 yen


Skateboard 770 yen

Helmet 330 yen

Knee pad 220 yen

Opening Hours

[ week days] 12:00 ~ 21:00

[ Saturdays ] 10:30 ~ 2100

[ Sundays ] 10:30 ~ 20:00

About The Sections

The park is made out of smooth and nice concreat and is divided into 5 areas. “Street Zone”, “Park Zone”, Indoor Zone” and “Mini Bowl Zone”. You can skate anywhere you like with the money you payed in advance. You can pick up where to skate according to your skills. Especially, the “Street Area” is made for professionals and experts. It has huge rails and big stairs, I’m sure you’d love them.

The Video of This Park

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