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Kanto Area Skateparks

The Biggest Indoor Skate Park in Tokyo! TRINITY B3 PARK

About The Park TRINITY B3 PARK is the biggest indoor skatepark in Tokyo which is made right next to the skate shop “Trinity B3”. You can skate, BMX, in-line skate here. This park is good for beginners to pro-level skaters! Also, if you bought something from the shop, you can get a discount on your …

Kanto Area Skateparks

The Hottest Skate Park in Japan! MURASAKI PARK KASAMA

About The Park Japanese people say this park is the hottest skatepark in Japan. It was opened in 2021 and was made for the Olympic games and the Olympians actually skated here for practice. The park is called “Kasama Park” by locals. Murasaki Sports the biggest skate company in Japan produced this skatepark. The park …