About The Park

This park has opened in 2020 and is the newest skatepark in Osaka. The park is inspired by California skateparks so you may feel like you’re in California when you skate here. The park is right next to Osaka bay, you can skate feeling fresh winds. It has huge ground and is made out of clean and smooth concrete. Also, it’s good for beginners and experienced skaters.

Basic Info


2-201 Rinkuminamihama, Sennan, Osaka 590-0535

Phone Number


Official Website



About 10 mins from Nannkaitarui St. by foot

It has parking lots



No Rentals

Opening Hours

As long as you can see things lol.

There’s no light. People skate until dawn.

About The Sections

The sections in the park are made out of concrete. They have included a curb box, a manual pad, rails, banks, etc. Each section is not that tall so people can try tricks easily. They don’t have that many sections, but instead, they have huge flat space. If you are a professional level skater, you might get bored in this park since the sections are small. But for people who just want to skate casually, this park is for you!

The Video of This Park

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