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Shin Yokohama skatepark is considered one of the biggest skateparks in the Tokyo Area. The park is completely free to use even though it has huge ground and has a lot of sections and obstacles. A lot of skaters come here to skate even from outside of Tokyo. The park is made for beginners to professional-level skaters. On weekends, they have skate schools for kids so you’d see a lot of families and kids on weekends. Also, there are competitions which are held at this park. After the Olympic Games, people think this park is going to be the central skatepark in Japan. The park was renewed in 2020 and they add more sections there.

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3300 Kozukuecho, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 222-0036

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About The Sections

The park is divided into “street area” and “bowl area”. In the street area, you’d see many types of banks and rs. Also you’d see a huge pyramid at the center of the area.

The bowl area is made of concrete and it reminds of you the bowl park like in the U.S..

There is also huge flat area so the beginners can learn basic skills.

And I’d say this park is kind of for upper-middle level skaters.

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