About The Park

Possibility Park was opened in 2021 in Saitama. It’s one of the biggest private skateparks in Japan and is getting a lot of attention from Japanese skaters. The theme of this park is “The best place every skater comes together”. the location of this park is kind of oversea-ish and there’s a cafe for skaters. They make the atmosphere of this skatepark perfect. It’s like a dream place for skaters. The most attractive point of this park is “real street-ish made”. It has a crosswalk, curbs, and stairs made of bricks like in an actual street. You’d feel like you’re actually skating in the street skating here.

Basic Info


755, Kofukasaku, Minuma Ward, Saitama, 337-0005

Phone Number


Official Website



There are parking lots.


Toddlers: free
Happy hours(Entering after 16:20):500yen
Weekdays(2 hours)renting the whole park:80,000yen
Weekends(2 hours)renting the whole park:150,000yen

Opening Hours


Sections List

About The Sections

The park has so many sections and they are mostly in “street style”. The layout of the sections is like a real street, so you can be really creative and try to make your own lines!

Overall I’d say this park is for “every-level skaters”.

The Videos of This Park

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