About The Park

This park is made in 2018 at “Kishiwada Cancan Bayside mall”. There is an ocean right behind this park and I think this is the most beautiful park in the Osaka area. Nishikawa, the head coach of the Japanese skateboarding team, was in charge of designing this park, and the famous building group “MBM Park Builders” made it. On the weekends they have skate schools for kids and you’d see a lot of people there. Also, there is Murasaki Sports, the skate shop is right next to the park, so you can buy a lot of stuff, like shoes, decks, wheels, etc.

Basic Info


3-1 Minatomidorimachi, Kishiwada, Osaka 596-0014

Phone Number


Official Website



There are parking lots


[ 1 Day ]

weekdays 800 yen

Weekends 1000 yen

Opening Hours


Every Thursday, only BMX is usable

Section List

About The Sections

This park is made of concrete and has down rails, down ledge, a pyramid, and boxes for the street area. You also find a big bowl in the park area. The objects of this park are middle-sized, so even upper-level skaters can enjoy skating here. The objects are in a line, so you can create your own transition with fun. Also, there’s a mini ramp for beginners! Overall, I’d say this park is for middle-level skaters.

The Videos of This Park

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