About The Park

Minatono mori skate park is located in “minatono mori park”, about 20 minutes from the nearest station “Sannomiya St.”. There are only a few skateparks in this area, so this park is like the main skate park for the local skaters. The park has huge ground and has so many sections. From beginners to professional-level skaters can enjoy skating here. Also, there are lights in this park so you can skate until late at night. The cons of this park are the expensive parking fee but you can use the park for free.

Basic Info


2 Onohamacho, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo 651-0082

Phone Number

Not available

Official Website

Not available


There are parking lots around the park but they are a little bit expensive.



Opening Hours

From sunrise to 22:00

Section List

About The Sections

There are two types of areas in this park, “Street Area” and “Park Area”. “Street Area” has curbs, gaps, rails, etc. You might feel like you’re skating in the city when you’re skating in this area. Also, there is a huge flat area there, so beginners can practice easily. ‘Park Area” has banks, halfpipes, bank to halfpipe, spine, etc. The sections are made by the company “skate light” and they are of great quality. They are kind of too big for the beginners but upper-level skaters would have so much fun with them. The cons of this area are you might have to wait a bit until other skaters finish their lines. Also, the area says “you must wear a helmet” but to be honest, the local skaters don’t care about that lol. Overall, I’d say this park is for middle-level skaters.

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