About The Park

Skip Factory was opened in 2016 and is one of the biggest indoor skateparks in Japan. Local skaters had been wanting this park for so long and they were so happy when they got this park finally. This park is going to be used as a place to hold competitions in Japan. They offer skate school regularly to grow future professional skaters.

Basic Info


220 Shingo, Tokorozawa, Saitama 359-0016

Phone Number


Official Website



There are parking lots.


■1 hour 600 yen
■3 hours  1,600 yen
(Extend 30mins 300yen)

■1day 2,000 yen(U18 1,600 yen 5h)

■SERVICE PACK 1,600 yen
Weekdays (PM3:00-PM8:00)
Sat /Holidays (PM12:00-PM6:00) (PM6:00-PM11:00)
Sun (PM12:00-PM6:00)

* Prices may have changed, check their website in case.

Opening Hours

■Weekdays PM3:00-PM11:00
■Sat PM12:00-PM11:00
■Sun PM12:00-PM9:00
■Holidays PM12:00-PM11:00

Sections List

About The Sections

First of all, the floor is smooth as hell. It feels so good. The sections are mainly “street style”. You can be creative to make your own lines here. The sizes of the sections are kind of big for beginner skaters. But also, there is a huge flat space so beginners can skate here comfortably.

Overall, I’d say this park is for “upper-middle level skaters

The Videos of This Park

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