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The Park Samukawa opened in 2017 in Samukawa City. This park is made in a warehouse and it doesn’t look like a skatepark from the outside. So it’s like a hidden place. Skaters designed this park and that made it really simple and futuristic. There are 2 areas there “flat area” and “section area”. In a flat area, there is enough space for beginners to skate. The sections are placed nicely in a section area. The park is open from 12:00 to 21:00 so you can skate until late which is another excellent point.

They have free space, vending machines, free wifi, and parking lots. Also, there’s a skate shop right next to it so you can buy skate stuff anytime.

Basic Info


1385 Kurami, Samukawa, Koza District, Kanagawa 253-0101

Phone Number


Official Website



Check out their skate socks!! You’d definitely love them!! Your support would be really appreciated.


There are parking lots.


1,000 yen
2,000 yen

Opening Hours


  • All the info could be found on their Instagram posts.

Sections List

About The Sections

The sections in this park are all made with concrete even though it’s an indoor park. The park is designed like “sls skatepark”. There is a huge half quarter pipe on the edge you can get speed with it and you can enter a down ledge or down rails. The sections are in several sizes so you can find sections that fits your skills.

Overall, I’d say this park is for every level skaters.

The Videos of This Park

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