About The Park

This park was made by the owner of EKL PARK UJI and has two areas “park area” and “street area”. The park is thoroughly made with concrete and it’s one of the biggest private skateparks in the Kansai Area.

The park is in the forest and has a nice atmosphere. Skating here is so chill and feels like skating in a Japanese garden.

The park opens until late at night so you can visit here even after work or school.

Nobody’s at the office so you need to sign the terms and agreement and buy the ticket at the counter. There’s a free space with an a/c and bbq area so after skating you can hang out with your homies, it’s like skaters paradise.

Basic Info


Senotani Nio, Uji, Kyoto 601-1393

Phone Number


Official Website



There are parking lots. It’s hard to get there by public transportation, you should get there by car.



〇weekdays 1100yen
〇weekends and holidays 1300yen
〇BMX 1500円
〇BBQ 1 person /300yen(reservation needed)

Opening Hours

〇Tue、Wed、Thu 15~23:00
〇Fri 15~24:00
〇Sat 11~24:00
〇Sun 11~20:00
Closed on Monday

Section List

About The Sections

Every section is made of concrete. The park has a “park area” and “street area” so every skater can enjoy skating here no matter what kind of skater. As you can see in the section list, there are many sections here and they are in decent sizes.

The bowl is for upper-level skaters, I’d not recommend it to beginners. But the street area has a big flat area so it’s nice for beginners.

Overall, I’d say this park is for middle-level skaters.

Street Area

The Videos of This Park

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