About The Park

Shimanto skatepark was made at Yasunami Undo Park in 2018. It has 1000㎡ wide ground and 25 sections in the park. There are so many “street Esque” sections like brick walls, curbs, and more. With those sections, you’d feel like you are actually doing street skate. The park is really cheap to use and has a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. One thing you have to be careful of is that, you have to register your info to use

Basic Info


4095-1 Yasunami, Shimanto, Kochi 787-0008

Phone Number


Official Website



There are free parking lots.


200 yen a day

Opening Hours


Sections List

About The Sections

The park is made of concrete and has so many sections. You can pretty much find any section you like here. And the park is made like an actual street in real life so you can feel like you’re skating on a real street. The size of the sections is not that big so even beginners can skate easily.

The bowl has a big bottom part so it’s easy to skate. And it has pool coping and iron coping.


The brick wall would be so much fun to skate with.


This section has many sections altogether so you can come up with something creative skating on it.

Overall, I’d say this park is for every level skater.

The Videos of This Park

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