About The Park

Musashino street sports skatepark is a public skatepark in Musashino Tokyo. This whole park is made like an actual street with about 11 sections so you feel like you’re actually street skating here. You can skate here for free but you’re supposed to register and use a helmet when you skate here. But I know a lot of skaters don’t follow the rules, but you might need to respect that. You see trees and stuff in the park so it’s got a nice atmosphere. You find toilets and vending machines near the park but there are no parking lots for the park so if you came here by car, you need to find coin parking lots.

Basic Info


5 Chome-11-33 Kichijoji Kitamachi, Musashino, Tokyo 180-0001

Phone Number


Official Website



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You need to find coin parking lots.



*When you go there, stop by the reception to fill out the form and rent a helmet. If you brought your own helmet, you can get a card that you can show them when you go there next time.

Opening Hours

Weekday 13:00~20:00
Sat,Sun, Holidays 10:00~20:00(Sat10:00~12:00 is for kid)
・on 15th of every month (If it’s on Sat, Sun, or Holidays, the next weekday would be the closed day)
・New Year’s days
・When they have events. *Check their website.

Sections List

About The Sections

The park is made of concrete and has a quarterpipe, bank, spine, box, and rails. The main sections are street style. The sections are not that big so I’d say this park is beginner-friendly. The park is not that big so when it’s busy, the park gets crowded and you might feel tight there.

The Videos of This Park

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