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Yashio kita park skateboard spot was opened in 2017 as a public park in Shinagawa, Tokyo. It has 600m2 of ground and is made of fully concrete. The sections are pretty big and I think it’s hard for beginners but if you are an upper-level skater, you’d definitely have fun here. Even though the sections are tall and not beginner-friendly, you can find some sections for beginners.

To use this park, you need to buy a ticket at the office every time when you use this park. You also need to register when you use it for the first time at the office. The office is 5 mins away from the park and is near the baseball field.

Even though the park is in the city, it’s not busy usually so if you wanna skate in an empty space, this park is for you.

Basic Info


1 Chome-3-1 Yashio, Shinagawa City, Tokyo 140-0003

Phone Number


Official Website



There are no free parking lots. You need to find coin parking lots.


: Adult 400 yen

: Kids 200 yen

Opening Hours

9:00 ~ 21:00

Section List

About The Sections

All sections are made of concrete, It has a bank with a big down ledge, down rail, half-pipe, wall, bank to bank, etc.


The main section is this one. It’s actually hard for beginners.

The Videos of This Park

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