About The Park

Tumuji skatepark is the indoor skatepark in Kanda town, Tochigi. It’s 3 minutes away from the city hall so the location is pretty nice. The park is about 300㎡ and has so many sections inside. The owner of the park made this park with wood all by himself and it’s made of wood so it’s pretty safe for beginners because it doesn’t hurt badly even if you fall.

Basic Info


5-7 Kandacho, Tochigi, 328-0032

Phone Number


Official Website



There are free parking lots.


1hour 500yen( additional 30min 200yen)
1day(weekday) 1,000yen
1日(Sat, Sun, Holi) 1,500yen(※After 16:00 1,000yen)

Opening Hours

Weekdays 16:00〜21:00
Sat, Sun, Holi 14:00〜20:00

Sections List

About The Sections

They have a 700mm super mini-ramp, 1300mm mini-ramp, curb, box, and A-frame ledge, bank to bank and so many other sections.

Overall, I’d say this park is for every-level skaters.

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