About The Park

Yumenoshima Skatepark was built because Yuto Horigome did a great job at the Tokyo Olympic games in 2021. Local people got excited about his achievement so they made this skatepark in his hometown. They had the opening ceremony on November 13th and Horigome came and local people were so hyped.

The park has 2400㎡ ground and 14 sections are there. From beginners to upper-level skaters, can’t enjoy skating here. If you’re under 18, you need to put helmets on. Also, if you want to use a vertical ramp you need to put helmets on. There is a river right next to the park so that location is pretty good.

The park has just opened, but it’s pretty popular already. Many people worked on making this park so please respect the rules and local people.

Basic Info


1 Chome-1 Yumenoshima, Koto City, Tokyo 136-0081

Phone Number


Official Website


There’s no parking lot. Take trains or bus to get there.


1ticket 450yen
11tickets 4,500yen

1ticket 150yen
11tickets 1,500yen

Opening Hours


*Closed on 2nd and 4th Mondays

Section List

About The Sections

There are two areas, 650㎡ beginner area, and 1,450㎡ upper-level area. In the beginner area, you can see so many sections like a manual pad, long bank, and corner bank.

In the upper-level area, you can see a vertical ramp, mini ramp, bunk, flat rails stairs with handrail, ledge, manual pad, bump, back to the bank, and other 10 sections.

The Videos of This Park

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