About The Park

WAKE LIP’Sis the skate shop in Hyogo which has a skatepark inside. The park area has about 400㎡ ground and many sections like bowls and street sections. Everything is made of wood including the ground so it’s so smooth. Since the park is indoors, you can skate in any weather. Also, the park has an a/c so even in summer, you can slate comfortably.

Basic Info

1168 Kasumiku Kasumi, Kami, Mikata District, Hyogo 669-6544

Phone Number


Official Website



There are parking lots.


Adult 800yen
Age 12~18 500yen
Age 0~11 Free

Opening Hours

Weekdays  15:00〜21:00
Sat, Sun, Holidays 14:00〜21:00

Section List

About The Sections

This park has 3 areas: “the street area”, “the ramp area”, and “the bowl area”. You’d see ordinally street-style sections like rails, banks, and ledges in the street area. All the sections are in middle sizes so even beginners can have fun skating here.

The Videos of This Park

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