About The Park

FAVORITE SURFSKATE PARK is one of the biggest skateparks in the Chugoku area and the biggest in Okayama. It has a huge bowl on the 2nd floor and a nice ramp on the 1st floor. The park is a “park-style” park but it also has some street-style sections.

The park is always in a good condition and clean. And they are made of wood so it doesn’t hurt even if you fell. It opens from 12:00~21:00 and costs 550 yen per hour.

It has rental skateboards and protectors so you can just go there without bringing your skateboard. The atmosphere of the park is quite nice and the local people and the owner are pretty friendly.

Basic Info


100-5 Shijuse, Kurashiki, Okayama 710-0835

Phone Number


Official Website


There are free parking lots.


1hour 550yen
1day 1,100yen
1week 3,900yen
1month 9,790yen
Students 6,490yen

Opening Hours


Tuesdays, the 3rd Wednesday

Section List

About The Sections

The main section of this park is the full-size bowl. Even upper-level skaters can have a really good time skating here. There’s also a kid’s space which has small banks and rails.

Overall, I’d say this park is suitable for all levels of skaters.

The Videos of This Park

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