After the Tokyo Olympic Games in Tokyo, skateboarding went on viral in Japan. Therefore a lot of skateparks have been made. And there are many interesting and unique skateparks that you hardly see outside of Japan. In this article, I will show you 5 unique skateparks in Japan!


Kawaramachi skatepark was opened in 2022 at an abandoned school gym. The park is 2 mins away from the closest station and has plenty of parking lots. The whole floor is for skating and it’s got pretty huge space. As you know, the floor of the school gym is pretty smooth, so you can get speed easily, pop your deck well, and more importantly, it doesn’t hurt even when you fell. Since it had been used as a gym, it has a quite tall ceiling so you don’t feel the park is tight. A lot of local skaters come to this park and it has one of the most welcoming atmospheres in this area. All the latest info can be found on their Instagram.


Possibility Park was opened in 2021 in Saitama. It’s one of the biggest private skateparks in Japan and is getting a lot of attention from Japanese skaters. The theme of this park is “The best place every skater comes together”. the location of this park is kind of oversea-ish and there’s a cafe for skaters. They make the atmosphere of this skatepark perfect. It’s like a dream place for skaters. The most attractive point of this park is “real street-ish made”. It has a crosswalk, curbs, and stairs made of bricks like in an actual street. You’d feel like you’re actually skating in the street skating here.


Art Park is located right next to the Kansai people’s secret beach “Ichigo Hama” and has a cafe, bbq space and etc. This area has a movie theater and pools, so you can enjoy hanging out here for sure. Also, the famous artist mot8 draws his art on the skate sections.


SB DUNK SKATE PlAZA is located in “Tokyo Sport Playground” designed by NIKE Japan. They made this park because there are fewer playgrounds in Tokyo compared to other major cities. The skatepark was named by the famous skate shoes “SB DUNK”. From beginners to advanced-level skaters can enjoy skating here. You can skate here for free, but you need to get a reservation to use it. Also, there are locker rooms and showers.


This park was made by the owner of EKL PARK UJI and has two areas “park area” and “street area”. The park is thoroughly made with concrete and it’s one of the biggest private skateparks in the Kansai Area.

The park is in the forest and has a nice atmosphere. Skating here is so chill and feels like skating in a Japanese garden.

The park opens until late at night so you can visit here even after work or school. Nobody’s at the office so you need to sign the terms and agreement and buy the ticket at the counter. There’s a free space with an a/c and bbq area so after skating you can hang out with your homies, it’s like skaters paradise.

To find more Japanese skateparks, make sure you bookmark this site!

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