As you might already know, we had “skateboard” at Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021 for the first time in its history. After the games, people started to pay attention to “skateboarding” more than ever and a lot of people actually started skateboarding in Japan. Also, we’re expecting a lot of skaters to come to Japan to skate around. So for those skaters, let me introduce the best skateparks in Osaka!!!


Sennnan long skate park has opened in 2020 and is the newest skatepark in Osaka. The park is inspired by California skateparks so you may feel like you’re in California when you skate here. The park is right next to Osaka bay, you can skate feeling fresh winds. It has huge ground and is made out of clean and smooth concrete. Also, it’s good for beginners and experienced skaters.


This public park opened in Matsusaka City, Mie in 2019. It has an enormous 4730㎡ ground and every section is made out of concrete and is considered the biggest skate park in Japan. It is made with the world’s criteria for skateparks. The price to use this park is quite cheap and you can skate even at night. Also, it has sections for beginners and experts which means everyone can enjoy skating at this park.


SPOTAKA PARK FACTORY X was born in 2015 in Shinsaibashi Osaka and it’s only 1 minute away from the “America village”. . Local people call this park “spopa”. This park was made by a lot of local skaters and it took so much effort for them. Also, there’s a skate shop right next to the park and they have so many skate goods.


This park is made in 2018 at “Kishiwada Cancan Bayside mall”. There is an ocean right behind this park and I think this is the most beautiful park in the Osaka area. Nishikawa, the head coach of the Japanese skateboarding team, was in charge of designing this park, and the famous building group “MBM Park Builders” made it. On the weekends they have skate schools for kids and you’d see a lot of people there. Also, there is Murasaki Sports, the skate shop is right next to the park, so you can buy a lot of stuff, like shoes, decks, wheels, etc.


The last one is Minatono mori skate park but it’s actually in Kobe. It is located in “minatono mori park”, about 20 minutes from the nearest station “Sannomiya St.”. There are only a few skateparks in this area, so this park is like the main skate park for the local skaters. The park has huge ground and has so many sections. From beginners to professional-level skaters can enjoy skating here. Also, there are lights in this park so you can skate until late at night. The cons of this park are the expensive parking fee but you can use the park for free.

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