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Kanto Area Skateparks

The Best Atmosphere Skatepark in Tokyo Area!! POSSIBILITY PARK

About The Park Possibility Park was opened in 2021 in Saitama. It’s one of the biggest private skateparks in Japan and is getting a lot of attention from Japanese skaters. The theme of this park is “The best place every skater comes together”. the location of this park is kind of oversea-ish and there’s a …

Okinawa Skateparks

The Skatepark with a Huge Bowl in Okinawa! TOYOSAKI RAINBOW PARK

About The Park This skate park is located in Toyosaki Rainbow Park. It is right next to the outlet mall “Ashibina”. The main section of this park is the huge bowl. You can use this park for free. But you need to get “sports insurance” beforehand to use this park and it takes 1 week …

Skateboard Article

The Road to Success of YUTO HORIGOME, Japanese Professional Skateboarder, Part 1

“Winning the contests is not everything” Yuto Horigome the best Japanese skater ever won the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympic game in 2021 and now he’s one of the best in the world. But even though he’s won first place so many times in a lot of competitions, he says “winning the contests is …