Japan will host a street skateboarding Championship Tour event for the first time later this year. We’re expecting so many skaters to come to Japan to see the games and of course to skate in Japan.

In this article, I will show you skateparks in Tokyo that I’d love you to visit when you come to Japan. Hope you’ll have a great time there!!

1. Yumenoshima Skateboard Park

Yumenoshima Skatepark was built because Yuto Horigome did a great job at the Tokyo Olympic games in 2021. Local people got excited about his achievement so they made this skatepark in his hometown. They had the opening ceremony on November 13th and Horigome came and local people were so hyped.

2. Musashino Street Sports Skatepark

Musashino street sports skatepark is a public skatepark in Musashino Tokyo. This whole park is made like an actual street with about 11 sections so you feel like you’re actually street skating here. 


MURASAKI PARK TOKYO is made by Murasaki sports, the biggest skateboard supply chain in Japan. Murasaki sports supports a lot of professional skaters, so this park offers skate lessons by pros. There is a vertical ramp here which you rarely see in Japan. This park is like a main skatepark for Kanto Area skaters.


SB DUNK SKATE PlAZA is located in “Tokyo Sport Playground” designed by NIKE Japan. They made this park because there are fewer playgrounds in Tokyo compared to other major cities. The skatepark was named after the famous skate shoes “SB DUNK”. From beginners to advanced-level skaters can enjoy skating here. You can skate here for free, but you need to get a reservation to use it. Also, there are locker rooms and showers.

5. H.L.N.A Skatepark

H.L.N.A Skatepark is made on the rooftop and has a great view. When you skate here, you’d feel so good with the fresh air and the view, the feeling is like you’re skating in the sky. Since it has a great atmosphere, this park is so popular and always crowded with skaters.


MIYASHITA PARK SKATE PARK was renewed in 2020 and it’s been very popular among local skaters as known as “Miyashita Koen Skate Park”. The park used to be “street style” park but it turned into “park style” skate park. We can’t skate here on rainy days but now they have lights on the ceiling so we can skate even at night. This park is made for upper-level skaters, so if you are that level skater, you can get so much inspiration from the others.

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